Our organization is rich in knowledge from diversified field. We have panel of experts from almost all the fields viz. Engineering, Medicine, Basic Sciences, Management, Agriculture, Veterinary, Sociology, Anthropology, Software, Literature, Personality Development, etc.

Name Experience / Field Degree
Dr. P. Maini 45 years of Education, Scientific research & Development and

Women Empowerment Workshops

M.Sc., Ph.D.
Mr. M.L. Vishwakarma 45 years experience in Civil Engineering, Dams, Water Conservation, Soil mechanics B.E., M.E., MIE
Dr. G.S. Kaushal 45 years of experience in field Agriculture . vermicomposting Specialist M.Sc., Ph.D.
Mr. S.D. Tiwari 44 years of experience in agriculture M.Sc. (Agriculture)
Dr. Annapurna Sanyal 30 years of experience in sociology M.A., Ph.D.
Mr. Jayanta Chakraborty 23 years of exhaustive experience M.Sc. (Anthropology)
Dr. Anuradha Panchaal 20 years experiences in medicines Health and Hygiene M.B.B.S., M.S.
Mr. Nikhil Gahlot 11 years of experience in S/W

P.M., Microsoft Corp.

Interviewing Skills Expert

Ms. Deepa Kukreti 11 years of experience in Communication skills development

Corporate Trainer

Mr. Aroop Bose Retail Management Specialist M.B.A.
Mr. Manish Bhargava 10 years of experience in Computer Training and Software Development M.C.A.
Mr. Amitesh Pathote 12 years of experience in civil works Water Conservation & Management B.E., M.Tech.
Dr. Pushpa Kotwal 12 years experience in education

Aptitude Specialist

M.Sc. (Mathematics)


Ms. Preeti Gupta 7 years experience in education and Environment M.Sc.